Anjuman Khawateen Balochistan

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Welcome to Anjuman Khawateen Balochistan!

Anjuman Khawateen Balochistan is a voluntary social welfare organization established in 1982 under the leadership of Begum Jamila Dawood at Awan-e-Kalt Sariab Road, Quetta. It was formally registered under 1966 Act with the Government of Balochistan. Social Walfare Department Registration No.S.W.D.71.

A group of dedicated social workers joined hand to work selflessly for the betterment of humanity, particularly focusing on the under developed areas of Balochistan where women development is ignored specially in the field of education, health care, promotion of traditional handicraft and improvement of economic condition of the population.

Begum Jamila Dawood dynamic personality, affectionate nature and traditional Khan’s family back ground motivated the rural women, donors and Government departments to work in coordination in the remote areas of Quetta/Kalat division of Balochistan province.


Latest and Updates

Future Plans

1. To improve the economic condition of women by promoting traditional embroidery of Balochistan province through export & trade.2. To establish more schools for children in the rural areas.3. To work for child spacing and family welfare.4. To....



1981-93  Establishment of Anjuman Khawateen Balochistan.1984  Literacy centre, needle craft, tailoring centre at Jail Road, Huddah, Quetta.1985  Vocational training centre, health Kohing Kalat (Women Div: Islamabad)1987  Karaiz Lodh Mastung sc....


Aims & Objectives

1. To strengthen the religious, faith and knowledge.2. To increase the literacy rate in women.3. To provide health facilities for mother and children of rural areas.4. To promote traditional embroidery, skill and trade.5. To introduce vocatio....